Lake Tahoe Pride

About us                                               

Mission Statement:


Tahoe Pride is a safe, welcoming place for LGBT people and their friends, a place to build a strong community while forming lasting friendships.  We build community by organizing a variety of social, cultural and outdoor activities where we promote equality and respect toward each other.


We are committed to diversity and are open to all: men and women; straight and gay; couples and singles.  Tahoe Pride and its friends care strongly about equal rights.  We strive to promote tolerance, education and communication about issues that affect our community through being active and visible in the community in which we live.


As we grow we are taking steps to form a board and move forward in our vision of providing programs and services that benefit the LGBT community and their friends.

In 2013 Tahoe Pride introduced the Tahoe Pride Scholarship to continuing students at Lake Tahoe Community College.  This scholarship is intended to promote equality and to give back to our community.